Whata Shelf

• No tools, screws, suction cups or adhesives required
• Smear water on the back and stick it on your shower wall

Does Your Shower Look Like  Above or Below?

• Add Whata Shelf to your shower walls without needing tools, screws, suction cups, or adhesives

• Wet the back with water and stick Whata Shelf on your shower wall.

• Easily arrange, rearrange as often as you like.

Whata Shelf delivers extra form and function.

A creative way to supplement your built-in shelves by using Whata Shelf to organize your lightweight accessories such as razor, soap bar, squeegee, sponge and small bottles

Arrange and rearrange
Whata Shelf as often as you like to satisfy your design sense.

 Whata Shelf contains a water-activated adhesive that bonds itself to ceramic, granite, glass or plastic, but you can also remove and reattach them as often as you like without damaging the wall. 

Whata Shelf style works at tub level, too

No more stretching up or bending down to reach your accessories. Place Whata Shelf up or down  precisely where it works best. • Whata shelf is molded from soft, durable polyurethane so water beads up on it making it easy to keep clean.